Mobile communications in aircrafts

National Regulatory Authority for Communications and Information Technology launched a draft decision for public consultation regarding the use of mobile phones in aircrafts, during the flights. I think this will be one of the many steps in giving away the frustrating part of air travel. Also, Tarom and many other airline operators, introduced few years […]

Tourist Info Kiosk

I just found out from Realitatea TV website, that the Braşov city now has a tourist info kiosk just like the one in Albena, Bulgaria. The one in Braşov provides few more options like trains timetable services, e-mail and printing function for the desired information. I’m just wondering, if it’s possible to download digital maps […]

Travel Web 2.0 Style

VeniVidiWiki it’s a project developed on Google Maps platform which allows you to find desired locations for your vacation filtered by categories such as outdoors activities, events, locations etc. You can add new locations and activities just by clicking the blue marker and entering as much information as possible. As you can see, web 2.0 […]

Virtual tourism

Nowadays, virtual reconstructions of the ruined castles, fortress, temples or other kind of turistic objectives gain popularity among internet surfers due to the new technologies. I just want to bring to your attention to the 2 projects: Eternal Egypt project, developed by egyptian government and IBM, and LifePlus, an EU’s project that digitally reconstructed Pompei. […]

Mobile Tourism

Recently, searching on the Internet, I’ve discovered a study regarding the utility of mobile technology in tourism activities. Barry Brown and Matthew Chalmers, the authors of the study, put together the old (paper maps and guides) and new technologies (GPS, PDA, digital cameras and, why not, Internet kiosks [via]) tourist are using to organize their […]